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6:15 Worship of the Blessed Sacrament

Prayer is our breathing, however it is a breathing for the Church and of the Church. Because of that we must see the hours of worship as a vital necessity and not as any personal merit and even less as being optional since being the oxygen of the Body of Christ, which is the Church, the first hours in community are the breathing of our own fraternity body and it is the expression of our vocation. (Rule of life, p. 70)

8:15 Breakfast in silence.

8:30 Singing of Lauds

10:00 Holy Mass

Work time

Working must be seen as a service of love to the brethren, under (the loving) eyes of the Lord. (Rule of Life p. 64)

13:20 Singing of Midday Prayer

13:30 Lunch

14:45 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

After lunch, work time continues and each brother takes turn for one more hour in the worship of the Blessed Sacrament

17:35 Blessed Sacrament reserved and Divine Office evening prayer (vespers).

(followed by snacktime and recreation)

18:30 Lectio divina

The “lectio divina” and spiritual readings, studies, teachings offer the opportunity to grow in the loving knowledge of the Beloved and of His Word, not for mere intelectual  knowledge even if this is good and necessary but through a knowledge of love; in a way that one wants to know the beloved no only in general but for their more intimate traits, his personal style, his thoughts and feelings, in order to avoid upsetting him and to be able to please him. (Rule of life p. 71)

20:20 Supper

Compline and prayer of the Rosary for World Intercession.

22:30 Total Silence

This is the “basic schedule” that, with small variations, adjusts itself to the specific circumstances of each Fraternity House, and during the weekend the schedule can vary slightly, including the Friday celebration at 19:15, as a sign of communion and love to Israel, marking the start of the Shabbat.

*Regularly, and in order to live out our vow of poverty, we visit the Market to request the charity of the good people working there and that in a very concrete way they provide food for our needs. We live trusting and depending on Divine Providence, which reaches down to us through many people helping us with their generosity. May God reward them and bless them!

“The rhythm of the day should blend prayer, work, and fellowship and keeping a balance of common sense purpose that allows us to remain faithful to what is essential, that is to be other Christs and other Maries. Even though the main priority is the marital relationship with the Lord, it does not exclude other important areas of life, rather it must overflow and strengthen all aspects of communal life.” (Rule of Life, p. 69)