Mary the Morning Star | THE MYSTERY OF ISRAEL
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An aspect of our vocation which is hidden in the  Virgen Mary, is to participate in the suffering of the Lord because of the seperation between Israel and the Church.

It is our desire to serve as a bridge and a channel in the hope of reflecting the image of God, in the love relationship between the Church and Israel. Our specific elements of support are the celebration of the Shabbat (family liturgy of the Friday evening supper, cf. CEC 345-348; Dies Domini 11-12) and other Jewish feasts, like the Seder, Sukkot, Hanuka… as a sign of communion with the Jewish people and an essential element of our Christian vocation.

Our unconditional love towards the Jewish people will is expressed in our desire to see it living out the fullness of their vocation as a chosen people and completely loved by God. Never rejected by God but only corrected, while at the same time a Messanic people, archtype of all other people.  We have to pray that this role in the economy of salvation, be revealed and reveler an of the divine will. Jesus Christ as a man reveals Israel-Christ as people, fulfilling in perfection his (call) vocation without removing it (because of that), but rather being the first, and the archetype of the children of God. Rule of Life, p. 52