Mary the Morning Star | GRACIOUS LOVE TO ISRAEL
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This artistic exposition which reflects the Fraternity of María Estrella de la Mañana (Mary Star of the Morning) to be a sign of the gracious love of the Church towards Israel. It proposes a walk through the garden sealed with Love.

It unveals the significance of the mystical experience in the world today, both in Judaism as in the Church, as well as the importance of love and unity.

In answer to the question: “Is unity between the Church and Israel possible?”

The answer is an emphatic affirmation: “Yes, the unity is made in heaven and on earth it is posible by means of love and unity.”

Within a small available space the works of art of Abraham de la Cruz are exhibited: sanguines, oils, pen drawings, watercolours that allow us to contemplate the mystery of God’s love towards humanity throughout the history of salvation. These works are accompanied by poems that serve to verbalise our contemplation and led us into new depths of meaning.

A member of the Fraternity is always available to answer any queries.

Access to the exposition is free, and it has the same schedule as that of the Synagoge, from 10 to 18:45) (in Winter until 17:45).