Mary the Morning Star | VOCATION
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A vocation comes by divine initiative, a calling from God, an invitation to leave everything and follow Him. This calling which springs from the depths of the heart can have only one response “Here I am Lord, ready to do your will”.

Only love can steer a soul to follow this path, where one has everything and at the same time nothing in the material sense.

Vocation is this mystery of a man who experiences a love story with God, which for us signifies the contemplative life, a rhythm based around the prayer times spent at the feet of the Sanctuary, where God nourishes us and weaves our being.

“The specific contemplative prayer of the Fraternity is that which is contained in the teaching of Saint Teresa of Jesus and Saint John of the Cross. But it goes beyond this doctrine, not with regards to the method or science of the relationship of God with our soul, but in its vocational aspect in the light of unity.” (Rule of life, 40)

Our charisma is to live out our vocation within the confines of a fraternal life forming a spiritual family.

“The members of the Fraternity are called to live together in a relationship of divine love which makes a heaven on earth of our life in the Fraternity, a glimpse of the Kingdom.” (Rule of life, 49)

The calling of God is never for us alone but is accomplished in a life of rich fruitfulness for the many souls that need it.

“Those with a vocation must be or become people of longing; burning flames of love which warm and give light in a dark world of chaos, confusion, and in desperate need of witnesses of God and of His power and infinite love.” (Rule of life, 9)