Mary the Morning Star | TESTIMONY
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Maria-BlancaThe cathequist and the priest never stop telling us, “God loves us so much!”

Well…I don’t understand anything, I feel nothing.

I do not feel anyone around me love each other so much, perhaps a little! But so much! Mum of course, but she is Mum. The rest of the world seeks its own interests, isn’t it? I can only see poor imitations of love, is it possible that it doesn´t exist? Oh well, but it would be so wonderful if it were true! Although people do not understand in the parish the reality of love, it is necessary still to go there to hear about it since in the rest of the world love can not be found anywhere.

The priest always ends Mass by saying “Glorify the Lord With your lives!” And the words stick in your mind.

Time goes by, the university, plans for the future, everything sounds nice, it makes us excited but… something seems to be missing. What is it?

During Mass, one Sunday in summer some time ago, in the Gospel, Jesus tells me, even to me, who was just passing by “who drinks of the water that I give him will thirst no more.” And silently, with tears in my eyes, I say “I want that water”.

It seems I start to understand something about the love of God, the fountain spring, the origen of Love from which everything flows, everything? Even I?

It seems necessary to be in God in order to be original.

But how? Making this a reality day by day in my current circumstances doesn’t seem possible but it will have to be possible because there is no way of changing things “ok, Lord, if that is what you want…” but you might want something else, isn’t it? (oh sorry, I think this last statement is inappropriate).


Will we end up forgetting the love of God because of the pressure from the world which wants to lead us along a different route? Doubts arise. Is everything a mere fantasy? However, what the world has to offer is so disgusting, but why should it be so disgusting if it is so normal?


Meanwhile, one day while reading at home Leviticus 6: “From the sacrifices and the priests” is repeated three times, “ a perpetual fire will burn on the altar which will never be extinguished” and my heart starts to burn and see itself as that altar, as that sanctury in which Christ is always present.

Would it be posible to think of the actual existence of a calling  to a life consecrated to God? Don’t we need some extraordinary happening that would indicate to us that we have to make a decisión? Well, some people do, there are people who have experiences, either on the natural or on the supernatural plane, experiences that change their lives. But for others it is sufficient to discover it in the midst of everyday life, reading between the lines of our common existence. Just something like “the way of nothingness” that Saint John of the Cross refers to.

Now we are only missing the how, the when and the where to make it a reality.

One can not imagine what is going on but God has prepared everything, and He will reveal it in the right moment.

One of those days you meet the Fraternity of Mary the Morning Star, and you are introduced to its founder, Abraham de la Cruz. Certainly he has lots of extraordinary stories to tell. He has the name of a patriarch and the fact is that he is one. Coming from a numerous people, millions of Christians and Jews. How is that posible? Yes, he is both Jew and Christian. But wait a moment, can one be both at the same time? Oh, yes, just like God the Jew who was born in Bethlehem of Judah and who was also the Christ. Two lungs and only one Heart, that of Jesus. The Beloved of our souls.

That is what we call Unity.

And then you realise that this Unity is what glorifies God, the One, and that now you are able to fulfil the mandate, “glorify God with your life”.

But Abraham has a family name, “de la Cruz (of the Cross)”. And the fact is that Christ also has his cross. Simple consquences of being a martyr of love. Everyone who wants this Love, has to be a martyr of love. And this is the reality in our fraternity, our home, our heaven.

The Fraternity, united, heaven on earth.